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PVC Recycling

PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is an oil based product used in the extrusion of plastic profiles and tubes and for some reason it is considered to be a bad product to use as it is not environmentally friendly or recyclable.

The fact is that PVC is no worse than that of Polycarbonate, PET-G or Acrylic as they are all oil based products and therefore it should all be considered unrecyclable.

However, here at Rigiflex we recycle approximately 98% of all our PVC waste on site by granulating back to chips small enough to go through our extrusion machines with the balance of 2% being sold to another company who ship it over to China where once there it is also re-chipped and then reused in other plastic products.

We are also happy to offer a return service so when our products have reached the end of their shelf life they can be returned to us for recycling.

Once the PVC has been granulated into chips small enough for our extrusion machines, they are then made into tubes for the construction industry.

Here at Rigiflex we can also recycle our ABS and Acrylic waste in the same way as we do our PVC so we really are 98% recyclable.